Since 2007, we’ve made a lot of home buyers happy with our incredible service and savings. Here’s a little of what Real-a-Save brings to the table:


  • We’ve successfully closed hundreds and hundreds of deals over the last few years .
  • Our client testimonials speak to our passion for incredible, responsive customer service.
  • We spend our time writing contracts and negotiating on our client’s behalf, not prospecting for clients.


  • We provide digital signatures (no more faxing!), digital document storage, and the convenience of signing everything from your iPhone or Android device. We’ve made a heavy investment in technology to make your experience with us as convenient and easy as possible.


  • You get all the benefits of working with a full-time experienced professional Realtor who is a local expert.

The reason we get repeat business and lots of referrals from previous clients is that our customer service and professional experience are second to none. So before you trust a friend of a friend with the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, maybe you should consider this:

  • If you work with Real-a-Save you are guaranteed to work with an agent who has closed hundreds of deals.
  • We work full-time, every day in real estate. No part-timers here.
  • We’re not out prospecting for new clients, our clients come to us through our website, so we spend all of our time working for you once you become our client.
  • Too good to be true? Just take a look at what our customers have to say.


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  • I had tried to sell my home in Boulder using lot’s of different agents. Real-a-Save finally got the job done… More importantly, our agent returned every call, kept me up to date on showings, and really impressed me with his professionalism. Use them!

    -Jim Stelzer
    Savings: $6,073
  • Without Real-a-Save I am not sure that the closing would have succeeded. Both the mortgage company and the title agency made several large mistakes which our agent identified and corrected.



    Savings: $11,235
  • With all that money you saved us, we bought a washer, dryer, fridge and a living room set – a great perk!



    -Rebecca Fowler, Jonathan Behrmann
    Savings: $5,243
  • Bob guided us to the home of our dreams… He was tenacious in the negotiations, provided superior customer service, and saved us substantial money in the process… Although their program fees are discounted, Real-a-Save’s services are first rate and compete with any full fee realtors.



    -Scott and Kathy Croasdale
    Savings: $15,540
  • Bob did a great job and I think any buyer would be crazy if they did not use Real-a-Save!



    -Don Jessup
    Savings: $2,870
  • It’s easy to buy and sell with Real-a-Save. Bob has a great idea! Highly recommended.



    -Jodi Grimm and Dave Rusling
    Savings: $15,736
  • Like my mother taught me, I always believed if it is too good to be true it probably is. There are exceptions to every rule and the exception here is Real-a-Save. I called Real-a-Save from an Internet ad being highly skeptical and suspicious. Our agent, Bob, is a seasoned professional and has a very low-pressure approach. He assured me that he would not do business with someone that is unhappy with his services at any time.



    -Paul Hooge
    Savings: $9,849
  • It was a pleasure working with Real-a-Save, particularly with the ‘difficult’ seller we had. I would be a nutcase by now if I had had to struggle with that seller without thier help and counsel ! We will certainly call them again when we are ready for our next property purchase.



    -Lee and Diane Zieroth
    Savings: $2,247
  • Real-a-Save is a great way to buy and sell homes! Thanks for working with me. The whole process was convenient and smooth. And that rebate really came in handy!!



    -Teri Baldwin
    Savings: $2,940
  • Thank you for all of your help with the sale of our home and the purchase of our new home. You were extremely responsive and you addressed any questions we had along the way quickly and accurately. Keep up the good work, it is about time someone offered consumers an alternative.



    -Jeremiah Jenista
    Savings: $9,100
  • Just using Real-a-Save was a great deal already. Even more, Bob helped us negotiate a great offer and save even more with suggestions we would not have come up with ourselves. Real-a-Save also offered excellent referrals for other services required for our buying process. All of the details were efficiently coordinated providing us with a pleasant experience within the time constraints that we had.



    -Cindy and Bruce Stutheit
    Savings: $6,825
  • My wife and I were referred to Bob through a friend who had benefited from his program. After learning of the structure, I figured we would get a minimal level of service and attention throughout the process but the payout would be worth it. Well, we happened to have a particularly challenging situation in working out terms for our property and Real-A-Save was there every step of the way. Bob was our go-to resource throughout the process and his meticulous review of the contracts made us feel very secure leading up to and closing the deal. And then there was the check need I say more?!?!?! We have since referred Real-A-Save to several friends as a MUST USE! I had purchased 3 homes prior to meeting Bob and I will use Real-A-Save going forward with or without the rebate program.



    -Walker and Samantha Hennington
    Savings: $8,106
  • Real-a-Save is redefining the home buying and selling process. Bob is very knowledgeable and highly professional. Throughout the buying process, Bob made sure every step is transparant, and handled all transaction in a very efficient way. In this home purchase, I got buyers rebate and still received the services equivalent to a full service agent. I will use Real-a-Save if I have to buy/sell again, and I will recommend Bob to my friends and colleagues.



    -Sreeni Donepudi
    Savings: $9,794
  • Why I hired Bob was because of the 9 agents I interviewed, he was most efficient on the phone. He spoke directly about the things a person needs to know without any fluff: pricing of my house and how he’d market it, his fees, how and when payment would be made and his availability to meet my needs when necessary. I felt that due to his effective communications, this man would respect my time.

    In fact, he did. He was responsive, cost-effective, well communicated and consistent on following up on anything he said he would do. In a buyers market, Bob had my house under contract within 30 days. Of all the agents suggested prices, which ranged $100K, Bob’s suggested price was right on. He asked for it and we got it.

    I am grateful to his friend that insisted I call him. I’d recommend him highly, and especially to a person that has limited time as a resource. On a personal note, I think his entrepreneurialship is innovative and to be commended. His responsibility to the environment professionally is admirable. Without question, the price is right if you’re in the market for an agent! Bob is a steal.


    -Susan Stretesky
    Savings: $11,500
  • Our experience with Real-a-Save has been nothing short of fantastic. As we muddled through three different house offers, the expertise and commitment of Bob Connors was a beacon of light in a sea of incompetence that frequently plagues poorly trained real estate “professionals”. When we encountered some difficulties selling our house out-of-state with a full commission Realtor, it was Bob who provided the cross-country advice to save the day. If we could, we would have payed Bob Connors the commission our sellers agent received and payed her the 25% buyers commission the Real-a-Save charged. Bob Connors and Real-a-Save deserve nothing short of a wholehearted endorsement and a meritorious service award. If all real estate transactions were handled the Real-a-Save way, people would not be so terrified of the process. Did we mention that we got a check for over $8000!



    -Ryan Starkey
    Savings: $8,302
  • Real-a-Save combined cutting-edge technology with the personal touch to make buying my first home in CO a real pleasure!



    -Adeline Ng
    Savings: $2,150
  • We came to Real-a-Save with a somewhat complicated situation involving selling one house and buying a replacement. They didn’t even flinch. Our agent did a great job with both sides of our deal and found a great company to help with the 1031 making that part of it a breeze! We also got excellent pricing guidance from our agent and we had 2 competing offers within 3 days of going on the market! Wow! Buying our new place was a snap and we got a very solid house at a great price. The whole process really could not have gone any better plus we saved a ton of cash. These guys are pros.


    -John and Jamie
    Savings: $16,590
  • I was going to purchase an investment property and I already know quite a lot about the real estate purchasing process. Bob Connors did a great job in our deal, he was a great support and, after all, he refunded over $7,000 from his commission. Bob, thank you very much again.



    Savings: $7,245
  • It was a nice experience to work with, particularly with Bob Connors. He was easily accessible, and he controlled the process, leading to flawless closing. We will consider working with again in the future. I recommend the services offered by the company to those, who are confident in researching the housing market and finding the homes on their own.



    -V Zakarian
    Savings: $6,450
  • We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to Bob Connors and Real-A-Save for the excellent job on selling our home. Bob went the “extra mile” whenever we had questions or had concerns. He was re-assuring whenever we were anxious, and was always prompt at returning our phone calls and/or e-mails. His professionalism, attention to detail, and skills as a negotiator were second to none. Real-A-Save’s state of the art electronic communication and document handling and the superb negotiations skills of Bob Connors were what made this sale happen. We not only recommend Real-A-Save and Bob Connors for anyone thinking about selling and/or buying a home we continue to use them as our selling agent for another property. The results we have experienced and the service we continue to receive have been and are outstanding and beyond all expectations.



    -Stephen Rice and Diane Thompson
    Savings: $7,132
  • We are so pleased to have found Real-A-Save. Throughout the entire process we were met with a level of professionalism, efficiency, and relatability that exceeded our expectations. We definitely would recommend Real-A-Save and are thankful to have had the opportunity to work with them.



    Savings: $7,262
  • We went with Real-a-Save because we wanted to save money. And we did save money-thousands of dollars, in fact. But on top of that, we received excellent service. Bob was, not only knowledgeable, but also easy to get a hold of and always friendly and patient. And, although we previously had our house on the market for six months with another realtor, six months without attracting even the slightest interest from anyone-Bob managed to sell our home in just three weeks! Great guy, great company. We’ll never again use an old-fashioned-i.e., ridiculously expensive-real estate company.



    -Don Emmerich
    Savings: $2,380
  • Real-a-Save was able to sell our home in just six weeks in this really slow market! What a great way to sell your existing home and purchase a new one , plus the savings was phenomenal! We saved at least $6,000 by using this company. Bob was very professional and a pleasure to work with. We would highly recommend his services to all our family and friends.



    -Steve and Mari Dias
    Savings: $6,652
  • Overall we have been quite pleased with our experience with Real-a-Save, and we have and will continue to recommend your company to others.



    -Andrew and Robyn
    Savings: $5,120
  • We admit that we were initially skeptical of Real-A-Save’s claim of giving us a rebate when we bought a house….what strings were attached? However, after working with Bob for several months, our initial concerns were completely put to rest. His unbiased expertise, no pressure approach, clear and concise explanations, and masterful negotiating skills put us completely at ease. Why aren’t there more real estate agents like him?

    We initially went with Real-A-Save because we’re frugal people, but soon found out that they offered every bit of what a ‘conventional’ real estate agent would offer and more. We bought a great house and received a big fat rebate, what more could we want? Highly recommended!


    -Dave and Susan
    Savings: $5,656
  • Bob helped me purchase a house in December, 2009 and sell a rental property in March, 2010. The service was professional, yet personal, and I felt well-informed every step of the way. Bob’s honesty and integrity allowed me to feel comfortable during both transactions. I saved a tremendous amount of money by working with Realasave but did not feel that I sacrificed anything in terms of service. In truth, he experience I had with Bob was far more positive than my experiences with “full-service” realtors. I am happy to act as a reference for any prospective client who may be concerned that paying less means getting less. Thanks, Bob!



    Savings: $10,000
  • Bob did a great job helping us find a home! He was extremely professional, diligent, and thorough throughout the process. His experience in viewing homes was a great asset because he could quickly identify the pros and cons of a given home. His online document system made reviewing documents easy, and greatly improved the efficiency of the process. Bob is a great negotiator and we felt like he worked hard to get us what we wanted throughout the process?getting a rebate check after closing was kind of nice too!!! We certainly experienced the value of his business model and wish him continued success!



    -David & Becky
    Savings: $3,185
  • Janice and I want to thank you for all the work you put in helping us in the process of buying our future home in Boulder. We spend most of our time in Russia and manage to do some traveling around. On one such trip last September to a spectacular lake in Siberia we took a lot of photos and used 13 to make a calendar. I have arranged to have one sent to you at your office as our thanks for your assistance and your professional business manner in finding our new home. We look forward to settling in Boulder.



    -Phillip & Janice
    Savings: $7,182
  • Real-a-Save patiently worked with us to sell our house in a difficult market. They ultimately found a buyer who was a perfect fit for our house, showing their knowledge of the market and the effectiveness of their low-cost sales model. We would definitely recommend Real-a-Save to anyone looking for a smarter way to sell their home.



    -Paul & Anya
    Savings: $15,740
  • Bob, I had read the letters to you concerning the quality of your service. But in our situation, your expertise and caring touch had to exceed any possible expectations. When the sale of our home in southern Colorado fell through at the last minute during August, thereby ruining the purchase of our Louisville house that you had been handling, I wouldn’t have blamed you for referring us to someone else–perhaps the worst realtor that you could imagine. But instead you provided support during a very traumatic time and came up with a plan that saved the large amount of earnest money we had placed on our new home, plus a continued opportunity to purchase the home.

    As the real estate market crumbled during the fall, you hung in with us, and amazingly, we just closed on our new home. We are grateful for your professional services, and also for the caring and direct way you have with your clients. We will always remember you as we enjoy our new location and have officially renamed the mountain view as we drive in to Boulder on South Boulder Road as the Bob Connors Range.



    -Ken and Fran Dutro
    Savings: $4,025
  • Real-a-Save was easy to work with with all the way through the transaction – from searching for the right house to closing. Bob was very patient and helpful guiding us through some difficult issues with sellers. Overall it was a great experience – better than any we’ve had with other real estate agents – and at closing we received a rebate check! Anytime we have the opportunity we always recommend Real-a-Save.



    -Tony Troxell
    Savings: $6,636
  • First we would like to thank you for the wonderful job you did in helping us buy our new home. You did a very professional job on the contract negotiation for all the homes that we made an offer on. We are very pleased with your service and would definitely recommend you to our friends looking for homes in the Denver Metro Area. Of course I would also like to thank you for the BIG rebate on the real-estate commision.



    -Venkata & Sunitha
    Savings: $11,840
  • We really want to thank you for how easy you made it to sell our house. Being out of town and out of the country we were able to monitor the showings and feed backs and then negotiate with buyers as if we were in town. While gone on a sailing trip in the Caribbean it was exciting and adventurous to check for Real-a-save mail at local Internet Cafes.

    Your complete paperless services is the cutting edge and very efficient. Also in the final phase of the negotiations, you have provided us with very valuable knowledge to help us make the right choices.

    Our house sold in 5 months for a good price in a soft market.

    It was really great to work with you. You were awesome and young spirited in spite of last minute glitches from the other party’s agent. We will recommend your services to anybody: Great Services for the Best price in town.

    -Pierre and Tai
    Savings: $18,940