Since 2007, we’ve made a lot of home buyers happy with our incredible service and savings. Here’s a little of what Real-a-Save brings to the table:


  • We’ve successfully closed hundreds and hundreds of deals over the last few years .
  • Our client testimonials speak to our passion for incredible, responsive customer service.
  • We spend our time writing contracts and negotiating on our client’s behalf, not prospecting for clients.


  • We provide digital signatures (no more faxing!), digital document storage, and the convenience of signing everything from your iPhone or Android device. We’ve made a heavy investment in technology to make your experience with us as convenient and easy as possible.


  • You get all the benefits of working with a full-time experienced professional Realtor who is a local expert.

The reason we get repeat business and lots of referrals from previous clients is that our customer service and professional experience are second to none. So before you trust a friend of a friend with the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, maybe you should consider this:

  • If you work with Real-a-Save you are guaranteed to work with an agent who has closed hundreds of deals.
  • We work full-time, every day in real estate. No part-timers here.
  • We’re not out prospecting for new clients, our clients come to us through our website, so we spend all of our time working for you once you become our client.
  • Too good to be true? Just take a look at what our customers have to say.


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