Capitol Hill is Denver’s most densely-populated neighborhood.

Denver Neighborhood Information, Capitol HillHere, you’ll find a variety of apartments, condos, and single family homes. You’ll also soon realize that boredom is just not an option in this area, as every square foot of non-residential space is used for boutiques, restaurants, clubs and culture.

Denver’s Oldest Neighborhood

Older studio and one bedroom apartments in an affordable price range are one draw to the area, but large, renovated condos with gorgeous shared swimming-pools and courtyards are just as common. Extravagant Victorian and Tudor mansions still dot the streets, reminiscent of early settlement days when Capitol Hill housed Denver’s elite. Massive trees interspersed between living spaces give an open, natural feel to a distinctly ‘city’ area.

Capitol Hill, located directly south of Downtown, holds several of its own cultural attractions. The Colorado Ballet, Denver Art Museum, Denver Public Library and Colorado History Museum are all within blocks of each other. What really gives Capitol Hill its culture though, is the diversity and popularity of its’ funky-while-still-chic stores. Local boutiques such as 50 Retro Boutique and Buffalo Exchange offer punk-rock and bohemian (but pricy) attire, seemingly setting the tone for the neighborhood. Wax Trax Records, with the most extensive music collection you’ve ever seen, is a Denver staple for music lovers. The infamous vegetarian/vegan Watercourse restaurant, the historic Charlie Brown’s, and the critically-hailed Little India are all not-to-be missed Capitol Hill favorites.

No matter if it’s your first visit to Denver or if you’re a local in search of something new, Capitol Hill has something for you. You’ll delight in the shopping and dining diversity. You’ll marvel at the extensive real estate choices. And no doubt you will feel a solid, neighborhood connection to this place so many call home.

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