Chautauqua is one of Boulder’s oldest neighborhoods, which is reflected in housing styles and materials.

chautauqua-1Magnificent stone homes sit on sprawling lots, hidden behind enormous trees. Each home in Chautauqua is unique, with its’ own character and one-of-a-kind architectural detail; expect to find curved windows, gable ornamentation and elaborate porches and towers. Some of these impressive houses are 100% original, relishing in their Victorian charm, others have been modernized through renovation while still maintaining Victorian-authenticity. Regardless of the housing choice, in Chautauqua all the homes are spectacular.

Flatiron Beauty

Perhaps even more breathtaking than the neighborhood’s residential choices is Chautauqua Park, just steps from most residences. This large park sits at the base of Boulder’s Flatiron Mountains and hundreds-of-acres of open space and hiking trails. In the summer, the park is filled with hikers, joggers, sunbathers and children on the playground. The winter months find outdoor enthusiasts snowshoeing and playing in the park.

Home of the Colorado Chautauqua Association, Chautauqua Park is a cultural mecca for locals and tourists alike; hosting a fabulous, star-filled summer concert series, the Colorado Music Festival, several art and music classes and an enlightening silent film series.

The elements of music, culture, history, nature and luxury combine harmoniously to make Chautauqua a truly special place to live.

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