Stapleton, located just 15 minutes from downtown Denver, is Denver's newest community.

Denver Neighborhood Information, Stapleton HomeMost new, suburban areas feel, well, new and suburban – which, for most people means feeling a little more out of touch with the trends and a little slower in life's pace. It's a dilemma; you want to feel energetic and alive (who doesn't?), but you don't want to live in some downtown loft where it's always Saturday night. You want a beautiful home, you want space, peace and quiet, but you want excitement, modern flare and fashionable dining options. Enter Denver's Stapleton neighborhood: Take a drive through this suburban oasis, and you'll agree with Stapleton's motto, it does just 'Feel Different'.

Urban, Yet Suburban

Stapleton, located just 15 minutes from downtown Denver, is Denver's newest (and in some places still under construction) and most different community. In a former life, the land that now houses this suburban-yet-urban sprawl was the Denver Airport. After the airport was reconstructed in a different location, the Stapleton land was forgotten for some time. Thus the vision began: reclaim and recycle this urban airport land into a new, hip community, while maintaining a connection to the city, just minutes away.

Because of Stapleton's vision of creating an inclusive community, housing options exist for every style and budget. Concrete and glass loft spaces tower over the trendy, open air shopping plaza. Cute single family homes in muted, edible shades of plum, lemon and blueberry line clean, quiet side roads; their white picket fences echoing a strong community feel. Enormous (4,000+ square feet enormous), exceptionally finished homes flank well manicured park spaces, mimicking Spanish villas with white stucco and red tile rooftops. Apartment buildings disguised as mansions are undistinguishable from other homes until closer inspection. The reality of Stapleton's quiet luxury is that any housing option you desire can be found here – and all with a modern design twist and a little bit of extra flare.

With nearly 30% of the Stapleton area designated as parks and open space, spending peaceful afternoons hiking or sitting by the creek no longer means driving to the mountains. Almost all of Stapleton's 'neighborhoods-within-the-neighborhood' are centralized around an area of open space-you won't feel you're on top of your neighbors here. Stapleton's extensive bike and trail system also backs to the 17,000-acre Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, opening up the neighborhood even further. Because of all this land, there's a feeling of calm, tranquility and freedom resounding throughout Stapleton – it just feels nice.

Although Stapleton is only a short drive from Denver's bustling downtown district, there's plenty of retail therapy to be had right here. Three distinct shopping areas exist in Stapleton, (Quebec Square, 29th Ave Town Center and Northfield Stapleton), each with a slightly unique experience to offer. For a very boutique day close to home, try 29th Ave Town Center, where Amore Fiori Flowers, Udis Bread Café and The Coral Room mirror super-chic downtown boutiques with ease. For day-to-day needs and extensive options, head over to Quebec Square for retail staples Wal-Mart, Ross, Home Depot and the like. Northfield Stapleton combines boutique-ish feel with mall stores you expect (Ann Taylor, The Children's Place, New York & Company and so many more) in its open air, pedestrian friendly shopping district. Also is Northfield is a movie theater, stadium-soccer complex and children's center.

In Stapleton, you won't compromise your needs. Living, working, shopping, dining, playing and being outdoors are all realities in the Stapleton community (and done so with a touch of luxury and a feeling of peace-how wonderful!)

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