University Hill, shortened to ‘The Hill’ by Boulder locals, is a varied mix of housing, people, shopping and dining.

Boulder Neighborhood Information, Home on The HillLocated across Broadway from the University of Colorado campus, the Hill adopts a fun, vibrant college feel while maintaining a multi-use and multi-generational purpose.

Keep It Interesting

Charming Victorian-stone work, big front porches and ornamental details are common architectural elements of Hill homes. A fabulous feature of the Hill is the variety of housing options available. Owners and renters are found living side by side in duplexes, condos, apartments and single family homes – although even apartments in this area are inside of restructured Victorian homes.

With bikes and people possibly outnumbering cars in the Hill’s pedestrian-friendly commercial sector, there is certainly a lot going on at any given time. Older Victorian houses have been converted into commercial spaces, housing several rowdy bars, low-key coffee houses, hot music venues and restaurants. Espresso ROMA Cafe has been on the Hill longer than most residents, as have Boulder staples The Sink and The Fox Theater (hosting a multitude of excellent local and national concerts).

The activity of the hill is what creates its charm and authenticity. It’s a laid back, inviting area full of beautiful homes, interesting people and entertaining activities; it’s the kind of place you really don’t tire of living in – especially for those not quite ready for the suburbs.

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